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Updated: Dec 12, 2020

Are you a woman who has an incredible business idea/product but hasn't taken the leap to bring it to life?

I've created an amazing program to assist women through the birthing process of clarifying their dream business, branding, logo creation, website development, and marketing. It's too often that I see individuals held back by their own fears of "not being enough" or "who am I?" and they let their heart's callings fall to the wayside.

One of the biggest road blocks to building a business is

getting out of your own way and going for it.

Having support in your corner is invaluable.

I'm here to midwife to your dream business. You will be the one birthing your baby, but I'm going to set you up for success, coach you through the process, help you identify and name this new being, and raise her up RIGHT so she's ready for success in this wild world.

I've already taken on a couple clients for what feels like MY LIFE'S WORK and am calling in 1-2 others who are ready to take the leap and create their dream world.

As I've always said with Resolve to Evolve, it's often not about fixing anyone else or changing things on the outside, but rather it starts from within. We must BECOME the change we are desiring to see -- and then watch as the external world shifts to match our inner frequency.

I'm so excited about this program and since this is also a newer process for me, I'm offering all of this work at a ridiculously low rate for all that I'm including:

6 individual coaching sessions (90 minutes each) while we co-create:

  • Your brand (colors/style/aesthetic/voice)

  • Custom Logo

  • Website via WIX (domain & hosting are separate fees)

  • Business card design (separate fee to purchase them via MOO)

  • Social Media Presence/Marketing Basics

  • Identify your target market

  • Assistance with the copy you will write with my support that speaks to the heart of your future clients.

Let's make it official!

All of this is included for literally 1/3 of what I plan to charge in the future (and what its really worth.). Right now I offer this plan for $1444 or four payments of $444 which is INSANELY reasonable considering all that it includes.

Set up a chat with me today and let's see how I can assist you to BECOME THE CHANGE you're craving for, love!

Email me at or click here to schedule.




  1. a strong feeling of suitability for a particular career or occupation



  1. the action or process of making something active or operative.

  • (CHEMISTRY) the process of making a substance chemically or catalytically active.

I'm in the business of bringing dreams to life.

All you gotta do it say YES.

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