Summer Solstice Reflections, 2020

Updated: Aug 4, 2020

I'm grateful to report that I've been finding some grounded stability the last couple of weeks in my art & daily movement practices. This feels like the work I was literally made for. When I'm painting, I put on really relaxing music like Ajeet Kaur chanting. I can feel that I'm infusing the paintings with light codes and channeling higher dimensions.

I've been re-reading the magnificent Sophia Code, a living transmission and channeled work by Kaia Ra. This book introduces 8 feminine Christ consciousness leaders throughout time who had embodied incarnations on earth. It teaches that the miracles and divine works they were capable of is are also inherently accessible to us. As I'm reading these stories and words channeled by these ascended masters like Quan Yin, Mother Mary, Mary Magdalene, White Buffalo Woman, I can literally FEEL these beings transmitting their love, light, and stories to me.

When these ascended masters share their stories of creating Golden Ages here on earth, I feel in my whole body a softness, a gentle connection, a loving energy that tells me this is possible for us, as well. These stories hold great power. We call them transmissions because they are literally transmitting frequencies of love.

This last week while reading the book each morning out loud, I noticed visuals I received and immediately drew them out in my journal. Later in the day I painted what I saw/felt. As I'm painting I could feel the love surrounding me and flowing from my hand with each stroke of the brush.

I hope that the messages and colors reach your heart as they have mine.

Here's whats come through:

Divine Mother Creatrix

Acrylic on Canvas



This painting was channeled after I read the Mary Magdalene initiation. I realized I've been mentoring with Mary Magdalene for most of my life. I've always felt divine connected to the angelic realms, seeing signs from them most of my adult like. In the Sophia Code, we learn that Mary Magdalene worked in tandem with Jesus, co-creating miracles, sacred space, and healing.

This piece was painted over a background painting that hints at her secretly hiding in plain sight:

Can you see her face?

(A veil covers her head, blowing in the wind and her eyes gazing back at you from the secrecy of her protected mysteries.)

Mary Magdalene also came through in this piece:

Sacred Chalice

36" x 24"

Acrylic on Canvas


This piece showcases the divine aspect of our bodies. As we allow spirit to flow through us, we make space within ourselves for peace, for love, for connection with our higher selves. I feel that the more love we can allow within us, the better for everyone around us who can bask in the overflowing grace.

More and more I realize that spirituality is not about leaving this place, but grounding in Heaven on Earth, here and now - within our very bodies.


I also completed/added to a piece I created earlier this month.

After gardening one day, I was sitting on my porch and I felt a deep relaxation flow through my body, I could smell a gorgeous scent floral floating through the air that felt JUST like the smell of my paternal grandmother hugging me. I had visceral memories deeply breathing her in for about 10 minutes as I sat in that heightened state of grace, I could feel that we were connected. I could feel that my grandmother was supporting me to help clear our ancestral history of trauma. I could feel her peace descending in and through me, like an etheric hug through space and time.

Ancestral Healing

36" x 24"

Acrylic on Canvas



Here's a little peak at my studio and the space I pray in, sage, and activate daily for these transmissions.

Where the magic unfolds

Imagery I saw while reading about Hathor

Altar space in the art room


Thank you for reading and following along this evolutionary journey I'm on.

I hope this transmission of love reaches your heart and soul and grants you self-compassion for whatever you are currently navigating.

If you're interested in channeling your own art and stories while grounding Spirit into your body, I'd love to chat with you about the second wave of the Storyteller Circle I have coming up in July! More to come about that in another post, soon.

Be well, loves.

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