It's on! I'm feeling LIT-- so lemme fire you up!

Wowza, what a shift since last month. Last time I sat down to catch y'all up I had just reclaimed the Resolve to Evolve brand name, burning a ton of old journals, created some boundaries with individuals in my life and was feeling empty. In the best way. I literally kept looking around for the baggage I kept feeling I had put down somewhere.

A week or two after that I was feeling a tender and yet I kept getting signs to persist in sharing my offerings and putting myself out there. So I started a weekly Instagram Live offering I'm calling TUNE UP TUESDAYS at 8pm EDT. The first one was really intimidating - sharing my heart, pulling tarot cards, channeling and not knowing who would show up or if I was being received in a good way. But amazingly folks really enjoyed it!! You can catch the recaps on my IG Highlights or tune in with me next week.


I've been hearing some amazing results from clients who I have worked with recently:

-- One woman came to me for a Mind-Body-Soul session and in her tarot reading we ended up talking about her relationship with her father and healing her wounds with men so she could calling in a partner. The last card of the pull "the outcome" spoke to me that he was already on his way... she laughed saying, that would be great... and then about a month later I saw her a friends house and she was there with this great guy. She came up to me and said, "Girl -- I can't even believe how spot on your reading was, I can't even believe it, but a week after our session I met this amazing man and everything we spoke about in the tarot reading is making so much sense."

-- Another woman who had been struggling with deep grief about several miscarriages and a fear of even trying to conceive again came to me for a Mind-Body-Soul session. We talked about her fear and I had her speak to the spirit of her child in the ethers and we both cried as she released pressure on both of them and she said to the spirit "I trust whatever you need to do." I just heard from her this week that just a week after that she got pregnant and is now about eleven weeks along and she and the baby are healthy and doing fine.

Obviously I cannot guarantee any type of results like this for other clients, but what felt most affirming about these two stories is that we were able to pin point where the wounding was keeping them from moving forward and receiving what it was they were truly desiring. THIS is the work that I love to do.

Sometimes it's not easy to hear the messages that come through - sometimes I speak to clients about setting boundaries, claiming their value, releasing relationships that aren't serving anymore, and I coach them to listen to their own inner knowing and trust themselves. Most times clients already feel something is off, they know they need support and they need to make changes, but they are scared, they feel alone, they don't know how.

My role is to help you see how supported you are by the universe, and speak as the voice of your guides who want you to know you are worthy of all that your heart is desiring. You heart wouldn't be desiring things if they weren't already aligned with you and in your highest good. The heart speaks in desire - drawing us towards our highest path with its magnetic attraction pull of desire. Desire is not dirty/wrong/blinding. (That would be something else entirely... maybe called overindulgence, addiction or self-sabotage.) This is a whole different thing. True desire is PURE. The heart's desires are PURE. You are pure!

"How can I get started??" you're asking --

Book an individual session with me via and we'll meet on Zoom. I'll start by pulling up your human design chart ahead of time and we can discuss how your energy can be best served and how you can find flow through your specific strategy and authority.

From there, we can continue working together to support your belief system to support the dream life you are holding in your heart to exist in the 3D realms. It start with belief, and often that includes having support to examine what is actually happening below the surface of your daily thoughts and actions.

Let's rewire the way you are SEEING the world, and offer a lens of possibility, expansion, and compassion through the process.

I'm excited to be working with several clients building a brand and business to bring their purpose to life. If this is something you're looking to do as well we can discuss ways I can support you to define the business you're creating, craft a logo and brand that pinpoints how clients can work with you, services that offer high value to clients, and a website/social media presence that will market you business in a clear consistent way.

Honestly I wish that someone offered this service to me years ago... it would have helped me save literally thousands of dollars on programs trying to figure out copywriting, marketing, brand development, mindset management, belief shifting, and countless hours missing the mark in sharing what was truly aligned with my best and the best of others.

WHY WAIT? Shoot me a message or email today!

XO loves,

Here's to living our purpose, ON PURPOSE.

<3 eliza

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