Client Spotlight: NEXUS (Community Supported Apothecary)

Updated: Dec 12, 2020

Mary “Moon” Hermans has been a friend through the Buffalo community for years so I was thrilled when she reached out a couple months ago inquiring about my Vocation Activation offering. Mary had a vision in her heart that she’d been carrying for years. At our consultation she said she knew she was meant to be sharing her devotionally made herbal medicine but needed the accountability and support to bring it to life.

Thats where my background as a transformational coach and my tools as a energy healer can support you. We open up to guidance from the highest and tune into what is truly active in your heart. I also send you a custom care package with items to inspire and encourage you throughout your evolutionary entrepreneur journey.

Heres part of the care package I curated for Mary with intuitively selected stones, tools, and reflections of her own worth and power.

A legal professional by day, Mary also has in-depth knowledge and passion for herbalism, energy medicine, and healing. She also has a passion for creating artwork out of organic materials. Her larger vision is of a creative retreat space and herb farm where folks can come to rejuvenate their minds, bodies, and spirits with science-based frequency healing modalities, and mental wellness support like Neurolinguistic Programming.

Having navigated her own wellness challenges like chronic pain and Lyme's disease, Mary knows first hand how healing is a daily journey that starts with you. She has a vision of revolutionizing our modern culture of healthcare by putting the power back into our own capable hands and redefining what it means to be well .

As Mary says it’s time to “disrupt the status quo” on wellness.

NEXUS is the sweet spot between science, art, nature and nurture.

Over our six sessions working together 1:1 on Zoom we decided to narrow our focus & start with one offering. Often this can be the biggest challenge for entrepreneurs.

You have a great vision & yet you're not sure where to start. This is where I can help!

We came up with the idea of a quarterly seasonal CSA (similar to a farm share or “community supported agriculture”, Mary was calling it a “community supported apothecary”).

This offering combines her love for sharing her herbal medicine, art, and empowering others to take time for self-care by making it easy.

She will be sending care packages with appropriate seasonal packages four times over the course of 2021. Check it out in her own words:

I am SO stoked about this, I already signed up and there's only 17 spots available total, so if you're interested sign up ASAP.

I mean who doesn't want to get four seasonal care packages to support you through each period of the year?

Check out her whole brand new site and sign up at

It's a true honor and pleasure to help women bring their passion and gifts to life through branding, web design and 1:1 coaching. Check out my vocation activation offering if you've got a dream business you're ready to bring to life.

I can help you bring your dream to life in just 6 weeks.

For a suuuuper reasonable price, too.

Are you willing to take the leap???


e-mail me to schedule a free consult.

& find out if we're a match!

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