Client Spotlight: Aeiya Joy & Dragon Bodhi

Updated: Nov 20, 2020

Aeiya Joy has been a dear friend of mine since we first met in 2016. She is a healer with many intuitive gifts and has been a great spiritual ally for me. It's been a pleasure to witness her growth over the years and be able to support her birthing her business.

Since I've known her, Aeiya has lived in Colorado, California, Peru, and western NY. She follows her nomadic heart as it leads her. In fact, she now guides others on spiritual pilgrimages to high vibrational sites such as Mount Shasta for ceremony and healing.

Aeiya is also a Sophia Circle facilitator - guiding folks through a healing codex known as the Sophia Code. I was in her most recent circle via ZOOM and treasured working with her and meeting with the group bi-weekly as a spiritual support system.

Aeiya currently resides on the West Coast, and we've been working together over Zoom. She's known for years that it's time to share her gifts with the world. She just needed some support and accountability to put her offerings into grounded clear offerings that her clients could receive.

Aeiya had already created a WIX website on her own before we started working together, but it didn't have the polished feel or clear communication she needed to reach her ideal clients.

Here's what her website looked like BEFORE I started working with her:

  • The information was a bit scattered, there was no cohesive brand identity, and the even her beautiful images weren't being highlighted.

  • Within 3 months with 6 individual coaching sessions we developed a logo, brand name, clear identity, offerings, marketing approach, website and business cards for Aeiya.

Click here to see her full newly curated DRAGON BODHI SITE.

Or simply take a look at some screen shots below.

We've made it EASY for clients to connect with Aeiya, discover her offerings, and get the support they are seeking.

  • Aeiya now has 3 clear offerings that clients can easily select to work with her.

  • Clients can book online instantly, pay, and automatically schedule ZOOM meetings for their sessions.

It's amazing the difference having a supportive coach and designer can make guiding you through the process of birthing your business.

I'm currently taking on one or two more clients for VOCATION ACTIVATION - a coaching, design, and website package assisting you to birth that dream business into reality, girl!

Shoot me a message if you're interested or schedule a free 30 minute consultation on my home page.



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