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Join an intimate group of 9 women as we journey through a 12 week portal of embodiment, conscious storytelling, and creative activation.
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Jul 14, 2020, 8:00 PM EDT – Sep 03, 2020, 10:00 PM EDT

About the Event

STORYTELLER: An Intuitive Embodiment Activation

Join a 12 week journey to reconnect to your body, your creativity, and your sisters through a Storytellers Circle.

Starting Tuesday, July 14th, join an intimate community of women twice a week Tuesday and Thursday evenings 8pm - 10pm EST in sacred space via ZOOM.

- Each Tuesday at 8pm EDT we'll check in with each other, sharing stories of our journey, supporting one another, and holding each other accountable to our individual intentions for the three month journey and portal we'll navigate together.

- Each Thursday at 8pm EDT we'll drop into our bodies with a Dancing Freedom ceremony, moving through the intense energetic waves we are all feeling lately and staying centered in our bodies, supporting each other energetically and allowing space for the myriad of healing we'll do just by breathing deeply and feeling the depths of ourselves.

What you’ll receive:

  • A safe high vibrational container for you to dive deep into your soul work & open your channel 
  • A deeper connection to your body & its messages
  • Massive breakthroughs from acknowledgment & release of your deepest energetic wounds
  • Space and focused energy to clarify your deepest dream life, speak it aloud, clear blocks you have to receiving it, and take action to bring it to life
  • A group of femme-identifying/non-binary sisters to support and reflect your journey.  You’ll see echoes of your soul self in their words, truths, and revelations.

What you'll do:

  • Rewrite your reality from a higher perspective of love & take inspired action upon the guidance, signs, and intuitive that leads you as it all falls into place
  • See the perfection of life as it is: the ego fades away & you learn to care for yourself as an important vehicle of love (a divine messenger with purpose & importance)
  • Tap into your artist self & own your storyteller power and perspective.  "You are not your story - you are the STORYTELLER."
  • Create & commit to a daily devotional practice
  • Move your body and feel great at least once a week
  • Show up for yourself and allow your own voice to be heard 
  • Listen to yourself, your sisters, the universe
  • Feel, express, and be love (in a safe embracing space to release anything that's been keeping you from that)


--I wasn't exactly sure what I needed, but I knew that I was missing something. So, I started working with Eliza and her Storytellers group, in hopes of learning more about myself. I did not know what to expect, so, I kept a very open mind coming into it. For 12 weeks I showed up, I decided that if I was going to make an investment it would be for myself and my well being. The first few weeks was a lot of adjusting, mostly to opening up about myself, something that I struggled with for a long time. Her teachings, instruction and guidance helped me to see myself with new eyes. Throughout my journey with her not only did I get useful tools to help share stories throughout our process, but I also developed a daily routine that has helped to bring more focus, positive energy and happiness into my days. She lead me to a path were I am finally able to create impactful stories to share and inspire others. Eliza was a joy to work with – passionate, kindhearted, and understanding." -Gaitrie

 --My experience with Eliza’s Storytelling program was powerful and transformative. Her care and attention helped me get clear and focus on the changes I needed to make in the way I perceive my reality as well as my inner dialogue, and I came out the other side standing on new feet. I have a vision and direction and have been able to complete things that I was afraid I’d never finish. I also feel much more grounded than before I the program began. She is such a gentle and potent facilitator - I highly recommend Eliza and this program for anyone who really wants to make a shift in their life for the better! - Joy Vita Verde

-- Truly, I did not know what to expect from Storytellers. I did know that something in my life needed to change and that no other paths had lead me to where I wanted to be. Thankfully, I took the leap and was able to examine myself in a safe, cozy space, held by Eliza and the group of women she brought together.  It was a treat to be able to show up as myself for our meetings, and be accepted no matter what.  The whole experience taught me that I am not alone, and that, “if there is a word for it, someone else has felt that way too”. Thank you Eliza.  Thank you ladies.  I’ve always know you were all worthy, and now I know that I am too ❤️— Courtney

-- I was really hesitant and nervous to commit to Storytellers:

1.) because I had never financially committed to this type of "self-care therapy" and 2.) deep down I was afraid that it wouldn't "fix" me and I would come out of it still unable to manage my self-doubt, anxiety, and communication blocks.

Honestly it took an outside sign for me to say yes, which was the day I pulled a tarot card and it was the Ace of Swords which showed a sword with a snake wrapped around it in a figure 8 (Eliza created Storytellers specifically as a group of 8 women because she's had visions of helping 8 women ) :) :).

We started on January 1st of 2020, and I had never experienced group video-messaging before - and especially not a place where you bare all your feelings to a group of strangers...

Over time, each of us began to experience crazy, synchronous connections/moments with each other, and I personally was able to dispel my walls and tap into my inner power. It was definitely a journey of ups and downs, but it brought me more courage to be myself.

Expect to be challenged emotionally and spiritually! I laughed, cried, danced, reflected, listened, spoke my truth, and connected to these woman. The weekly homework assignments were helpful and stimulating, but in the middle I felt like I wasn't doing enough and I beat myself up about it - but Eliza helped me and the others realize that it's okay. Sometimes it's all about rest.

The last assignment was my favorite - she had us create a portfolio/book of artwork, quotes, and/or positive affirmations for us to refer to and reflect on every day as a reminder of how powerful and special we really are. And just like everything thing in life, it's always going to be a work in progress and I can add to it - so I will have this book for life, and I can even see myself passing it down to my daughters/sons so that they will learn how to self-reflect within and just be themselves.

Thank you Eliza, thank you thank you! You are truly a gem and such a bright light worker.<3 Lexi


$777 Paid in Full

$144/month Over 6 Months

*This is deeply discounted from the last time we ran it because it is different from our January program in that there will be no care-package or individual sessions offered. However, you can purchase individual session with me separately if desired.

**When you click to sign up to this event you will RSVP yes and I'll send you the payment registration via PayPal.

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