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Eliza was a joy to work with – passionate, kindhearted, and understanding.

Gaitrie Subryan

Hey, I'm Eliza

I'm here to help facilitate the changes you're craving in your life by creating a safe space for you to honor, feel, and move through your evolutionary process.

My mission is to support you along your evolutionary journey as an ally, friend, and confidant.  I work holistically to offer support for your mind, body, and soul drawing on tools like Transformational Coaching, Massage, Reiki, Tarot and Embodied Movement to help you find your groove and gracefully dance with the ups and downs that life inevitably brings.

I live in Marietta, NY where my techno-beat-making handyman husband & I are renovating an old farmhouse.  I’m in love with nature and the elements, the human body, puppies, kitties and tarot. 

I grew up  near Buffalo NY where I have a ton of family and host an AirBNB.  I owned and helped run a farm to table restaurant with my sister for 10 years there called merge.  

I currently spend a lot of time painting,  hiking with my pup, reading tarot, building altars, dancing, and generally loving on folks like yourself who are desiring support.

I am a student of life and dedicated to self growth. I have studied at:

Loyola University Maryland BA  (English and Studio Art)

Integrative Nutrition (Certified Health Coach)

Holistic MBA (Master Transformational Coach)

Usui Reiki (I, II, III, and Master)

Dancing Freedom (Facilitator and Trainer)

New York Institute of Massage (LMT)


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