"I have been living in fullness of spirit and hope ever since that retreat. I truly feel like so many layers of built up insecurities, fears, doubts, hesitations were melted away through movement and the love of those special spirits. I can't thank you enough for providing that safe space for such beautiful energy to live and thrive in" - Chelsea, Hawk Retreat 2016

"I was a little nervous at first but only in the sense that I knew something was being built. I decided to trust and allow the process to unfold. A lot of the retreat was the group and partner interactions that I was expecting. However, like any good science experiment that system, or the vessel for the chemicals to mix in, is where the magic happens. The structure and itinerary simply allow the space for the chemical process to begin. I loved the group we had. I learned so much, both intrapersonally and interpersonally. It would be difficult to communicate the chemical process I watched unfold but I can assure it was definitely there. Eliza is truly an amazing practitioner. I watched so many internal transformations occur with everyone there. I was truly in complete awe. My mind was both racing and at peace all at the same time. Soaking it all in and learning to ride the waves of the experience. One of the biggest takeaways I got and I think everyone else did was how being vulnerable around people is the truest form of strength that exists within human nature. I saw nothing but strength from all of us that weekend. It was the kind of strength that has a foundation, it doesn't wear a mask. It was raw, real and beautiful..." - Matt, Hawk Retreat, August 2016

Healing Work Testimonials

"My session with Eliza was so wonderful. It began with an intuitive reading of cards and progressed to a full body reiki session with light massage. I'm feeling the relaxing/ healing effects, even now, describing it... The space is divine. Overlooking the lake, from a sparsely furnished room surrounded by Windows, I felt transported to Big Sur. I can't wait to meet with her again." - Sara, Buffalo, NY 

"Thank you Eliza for helping me breakthrough and begin the healing process which has eluded me for too many years. Your commitment to your practice is an inspiration." -Alon N, Toronto

"I recently had a healing session with Eliza in her home and I felt so supported and at ease throughout the session. It was tailored to my needs and she had a very individualistic approach. I was able to discuss my emotions and gear the healing in the direction that I needed at that time. Immediately after, I could feel a bit of the weight lifted from my shoulders. In the days after, I was able to navigate some serious life decisions with a more clear-minded and calm approach. I strongly recommend seeing Eliza if you have anxiety or other imbalances, she really is a natural healer." - Katie, Tonawanda, NY 

"A truly felt testimonial to Eliza: my heart thanks you for letting me open up again. You are a natural healer. Our energy work together felt unique, and transformative. Thank you from all my chakras to yours." -Keith, Toronto, CA

"After just one session w/Eliza, I felt refreshed and relaxed. She has such a calming presence that even just talking to her will put you in a state of relaxation. As a new mom, an hour with Eliza was just what I needed. She helped me work through some anxiety I've been having along with finding ways to be more present. Spend an hour with Eliza and I guarantee you'll walk away with even just a little less weight on your shoulders." - Jessika, Buffalo, NY 

"I just want to say thank you again for everything today.  It was absolutely beautiful, very needed and much appreciated. The healing stayed with me and is still very much with me. It's still presenting itself in bits and pieces.  Something major was released from my mid section and that alone is making a huge difference. So thank you for sharing your gifts with me!  You are very gifted and special.  I don't know that I would have received the kind of insight that I did if I was working with someone else." - Mary Renee (Reiki Master)

"Eliza used real discussion to open my heart up even before we began the energy work. I was able to talk objectively about my shadow and my fears without any worry of judgement. This enabled me to enter into the energy work clean, clear, and with intention. Seems to me to be a much more effective approach to healing." - Nick, Chataqua, NY 

"Eliza's programs have given me a safe space to exercise my inner voice and wisdom. With her help, I feel more capable to reach a deeper healing." - Anonymous

"Working with Eliza was no different than talking to someone from my closest circle. I felt like I was focusing on healing while meeting with a like-minded to discuss matters of the heart---candidly, free of judgment, full of humor." - Halley, Buffalo, NY

"[Eliza's] space was so comfortable and welcoming! As always, [her] presence alone immediately makes me feel good! Our discussion gave me hope and new skills to work on and the healing was fabulous! Afterward I felt lighter and happier!" - Danielle, Springville, NY 

Coaching Client Testimonials

"It's often that we sit at the end of a long day and think about all the changes you'd like to make in yourself or in your life. That's where I was when I started working with Eliza; the end of a long awful year and a string of bad nutritional and emotional decisions. Whether it was purely by chance that I sat next to Eliza one day and heard about her exciting new program or if it was a part of a grander scheme, I'll never know, but that single moment started more positive changes in my life than I can count.  Eliza listened to my goals and needs and led me in the right direction. Never once did she tell me what to do but rather made suggestions on what she thought would benefit me most. I looked forward to our meetings every week, knowing that I would leave excited to embrace life and find peace and trust and strength in myself.  When I started working with Eliza I was an emotionally exhausted person, who often didn't feel well, and didn't listen to my body's needs or wants. Now here I am, less than a year after our first meeting, and I'm living in Raliegh, NC (a place I've always wanted to live) I'm gluten free, confident, and more in tune with my self than I've ever been in my life. I owe all of this to Eliza's kind words, listening ear, and unfailing belief that I could improve my life.  It's not everyday that you meet someone who has as much light as Eliza, and If you have the chance to work with her, you too will see your own light start to shine. - Sarah B. Raleigh, NC

I loved working with Eliza.  While I began with a very narrow view of my goals, I learned to think of nourishing my mind, body, and spirit rather than mere nutrition.  Eliza created a comfortable working environment where I had space to come to my own conclusions with her support and encouragement.  I was also willing to try new things like raw food and cooking and learned that I liked both.  Our work together allowed me to broaden my perspective, be kinder to myself, and live a healthier life. - Susan (Buffalo, NY)

I am still in awe of the wonderful transformations that occurred for me during your 21 day Spring cleanse.  I feel like I got a complete reboot - spiritually, physically, and emotionally.  I’ve lost 11 pounds, added a daily meditation practice to my life, been more active, decluttered my home, and more.  Eliza – you have a true gift for creating community.  I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to share, support, and be supported by such an amazing group of women.  Thank you for providing this opportunity – for sharing your beautiful energy and for nurturing me through this process. - Kelly (Buffalo, NY)

There has been so much literature revealing the health benefits of a whole food, plant based diet. What I didn't expect is that without feeling hungry or experience cravings, I would lose 10 lbs while having more energy than I had experienced in years. Transitioning to vegan can be challenging. Eliza worked with me as my "Vegan coach", introducing me to many delicious and healthful meals. - Lisa Gellman-Koessler, MD (Buffalo, NY)

I’ve had the joy of completing three raw food cleanses with Eliza Schneider at Merge Restaurant.  Every time, the food was wonderful.  I finished each cleanse a few pounds lighter and inspired to make lasting changes in my diet and lifestyle.  The food Eliza prepares is very healthy and clean.  The juices are refreshing and satisfying. She uses seasonally fresh ingredients that are beautifully presented, colorful and simply delicious.  I found it easy to eat well during the day, as I anticipated my lovely evening meal.  In fact, the whole week feels like a time of rejuvenation.  The simple act of having food prepared for you is such a gift to yourself.  Taking full advantage of this gift includes re-evaluating your food choices and discovering what your body really needs.  The culmination of each cleanse brought me closer to optimum health and well-being. The support packet Eliza provides is also very helpful.  It’s full of great recipes, as well as inspirational ideas to get the most out of your cleanse.  I saved my packet and refer to it weekly.  Eliza is full of helpful ideas and solutions for how to achieve better health.  Her support and guidance make this raw food cleanse a nurturing experience, while her culinary skills make it pure pleasure. - Beth Elkins, Pilates Loft Owner (Buffalo, NY)

Before I started working with Eliza, I knew my life could be better than it was, but I just couldn't put the pieces together. As a mother of 2 small children, I wanted to find more joy and happiness in such a hectic life. I found myself going through the daily motions, and didn't even realize how my needs had become not just second, but third and farther down the line.  Eliza helped me set goals and achieve little differences for myself and my family that made a HUGE impact. Things I didn't even realize by adding or subtracting from my life made all the difference. Having someone to share your challenges with and hold you accountable for your goals made all the difference. Eliza's program didn't just change my life, but my family's life as well.  I'm in a much better place and enjoy life much more after completing her program :) - Kerry (Amherst, NY)

SHINE program feedback:

The SHINE workshop was a powerful, freeing, collective healing experience.  I felt an instant connection with the women in the group simply because we were there -- experiencing our own release and freedom" - A. B. 

I took away "a renewed self-love, passion for my purpose in life, and tools for healing my mind, body, and soul" - Olivia G

I took away "SO much -- the ability to let go and dance through the universe drug and alcohol free. (It's kind of a big deal!) - Anonymous

My favorite part was "Getting to know other women who are still in the midst of their journey, striving to make positive changes in their lives -- Being around women who are... honest enough to share the challenges, the mistakes, the hard parts." - Barbara A. 

The community of women that was built for this class was tremendous. The amount of support and comfort we gave each other made it worthwhile." - Kristin B. What I am taking away is an awareness of the metaphysical, more confidence in my ability to perceive energy and in my own knowledge and self-confidence.  Eliza has a very gentle healing energy." - Sophia