Resolve to Evolve is here for YOU!

I'm so happy to be sharing with you what only took a couple months to birth [thanks to the AMAZING help I've had through the team at 15 Fingers (branding and website), Nate Peracciny (Peracciny Film Company)  and of course all of the experts who made this project possible!] but the truth is this project is the result of many, many years of my own searching and self-work.  

When I decided to go to the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in 2010, I was drawn to the idea of helping people become healthier in a holistic fashion.  I was drawn to the idea of balance.  My life, it seemed, was always in extremes.  Many saw the happy excited part of me, really high on life. I loved my new business, a restaurant I opened with my sister called merge, and there was so much beautiful and meaning to life, meanwhile the shadow side of me would get completely depressed, shut out the world, and avoid pain and confusion by sleeping too much.  How could I balance these extremes?  

I started my health coaching business, Embodied Emergence, and realized that a LOT of us are needing help and support... I sought answers for myself through nutrition, thinking that maybe eating cleaner was the key. That helped immensely, but it didn't change everything.  I started working on my body next, releasing pain and built-up emotions/stress with exercise and movement.  I discovered that movement everyday, even for only 20 minutes really affected me positively.  I was present, happier, more open to others.  Next, I sought out every type of self-help method I could find, and I learned a ton of great little tips, along the way.   But the most massive changes and evolutionary leaps I've made always included two things (1) community support (2) accountability.   

My goal in creating the Resolve to Evolve program is to offer that community support network to those who might not have community around them.  By offering the program online, women can connect and share at any time of day from anywhere in the world and get support from a community of like-minded individuals.  And on top of all that, an accountability system is set up to ensure that you are taking part in the program.  Each week you'll have mini assignments to post in the Facebook group, to keep you motivated, and so we know that you're with us.

And my hope is that you'll also be interested in adding on an individual coaching package so that I can use my Transformational Coaching Method skills to help you get even clearer on what has been blocking you from living the life of your dreams before, and how to step boldly into the happiest, truest, most authentic badass version of yourself, yet.  Please don't hesitate to email me with questions, I am here to serve!  Check out my Embodied Emergence wellness coaching website for testimonials and more information on my work as a coach.

Blessings for Happy Holidays and a Transformational New Year!

<3 eliza

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