New Year's Resolutions

I love the feeling of new beginnings.  I see it as a fresh slate, a chance to start again, to follow through more, to push harder, to go deeper.  I see it as a chance to stop, pause, and reflect.  Often when I step back I get a bird’s eye view of how far I have already come, and I’m able make corrections or re-route slightly where I am going. I can see now that when I want something- whether it’s a state of mind (happiness) or a physical state (health) or a career goal (success) connection (community) they all lead me toward a deeper desire inside of me longing for peace and love-- real true omniscient love.

I used to be scared to want.  I used to be scared that either I wouldn’t get what I wanted, or if I did, that would mean I’d have to give up something else that I loved, or a sense of safety... Nowadays, I can see that it’s not about “either/or” but it’s about “both and more,”  We CAN have it all, with the right attitude. AND it’s about the process, not the destination.  I figure even if I don’t hit my goal perfectly, I know I’ll sure get a lot farther than if I had not tried anything at all.  It reminds me of that quote - “shoot for the moon, even if you miss you’ll land among the stars.”

Stepping back from our lives at times like birthdays, anniversaries, and New Year’s we are able to reflect on what it is that we truly want more of in our lives and how we can break down the barriers inside of us holding us back from having it right now.  Maybe it's not even "doing anything" maybe it's a mind set.  Maybe it's the most subtle of changes... but it's a chance to look again, with fresh eyes that gets me to see the magic again every time.

This year I'm resolving to stay in that space of WONDER, to keep the magic alive everyday.  I am challenging myself to learn how to surf this year while I'm on the West Coast, because simply the act of stepping into the water makes me feel alive, I know it will be HUGE for my personal evolution, my health and also my balance.  Falling on you face again and again really teaches you some lessons about humility, slowing down, and appreciating the moment.  Sitting on a board in the ocean and watching the waves roll by is also one of the most zen places I think I could possible put myself.  Just me and the water, taking it one wave at a time.

What are you thoughts about New Year’s Resolutions?  Are you a fan?  Are you making a resolution this year?  Please share your thoughts in the comments below!

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