Melissa Ambroise

Melissa Ambroise has been practicing Yoga since her youth and teaching professionally since 2006. While learning to instruct others with her mentor Laurie Ahleman, the two also developed and pioneered a training for Nassau County Boces teachers to bring yoga into the classroom. Together they also created a teacher training program in which Melissa taught the sciences, such as Myology and Neurology. As a Yoga instructor to a varied segment of the population (including children, seniors, and adults who have developmental challenges), she has an integrative approach to healing through the body, mind, and spirit.

During the Resolve to Evolve Mastery Program, you’ll learn Melissa’s short yoga sequence which is a great way to warm your body up in preparation for your day, or to wind down and assure a restful night's sleep. It is a basic sequence to create length in the muscles and the spine, mobility in the spine and other joints, and to gently build strength and stamina.