Holy intensity!

Do you feel it too?  Life has been pretty full-on lately.  Lots of emotions, real-ness, rawness.  It can be a lot to handle.  It feels like the universe is kicking us in the butt to push us our fullest potential because we've been holding back too long and it's go-time.  There's a lot in the airwaves, and it can be a bit overwhelming, at least it has been for me at points.  If you're feeling what I'm sayin' then pause for a moment, take a deep breath, and remember that this, too, is a gift.  A friend of mine is currently writing a book about life called "exquisite pain" focusing on the beauty of the hard times that push us to grow.  Pain, like pleasure, is just another feeling and we are the ones who decide if it's "bad" or "good" depending on how we see it.

Since it's "up to us to make it all up" (to quote Jason Mraz) why not choose to write the story of your life as a beautiful one?  Why not believe that you CAN make it, that you ARE beautiful, and POWERFUL, and worthy of SO MUCH LOVE.

For me the last couple of months has been a bit of a crisis of faith, causing me to really dig deep and question what I believe about myself, about life, about the nature of the universe.  I have been doubting (without realizing it) parts of myself and the universe for far too long, and it's time to SHOW UP and allow myself to be fully expressed, even if I'm not quite sure of who I am or what I want or what's going on.  That was a huge take-away I had after our first beautiful weekly Dancing Freedom session.  The theme was exactly that "showing up."  We danced and showed up as we were, in our vulnerabilities.  Some of were feeling "awkward," "tired," "innocent," "insecure," or like "too much."  It was really incredible to speak about that after the dance and to know what each other person was feeling in the midst of our primal movement is always so fascinating to me.  I can imagine or speculate what another's experience might be, but it is often clouded by my own, so I love our closing circles where we can share with words and express and grow closer as community in that way, too.

 If you are experiencing some overwhelm and frustration, I suggest using Basil or Cilantro oils in a diffuser.  The emotional aspects of these two oils are perfect for releasing frustration, overwhelm, and needing to control.  I have a great book called "Emotions and Essential Oils" that I use as a guide, but I have been drawn to those two specifically a lot this week to help me.  Dance is another great outlet -- even if you can't join us for Dancing Freedom (Mondays at 7:30pm at Shakti Yoga) you can put on your own playlist or even dance and move silently anywhere at any time.  The power is in YOU.  The power of choice.  I know it's been a darn hard couple of weeks for me, but complaining really hasn't helped that much (venting is necessary sometimes, let's be honest, but the whining I sometimes fall into is not).  So, here's to thinking positively, claiming your power, and being gentle with yourself when you need some love... we all need it -- a lot of it.  So go spread it around.

Until next time, when it doubt just choose love.


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