Freer than I have ever been.

I've been back in Buffalo just over two weeks now after a very transformational three month road trip out west. Last time I posted I was going through some intense adjustments and quite a bit of ups and downs.   I'm still in the process of integrating more, but overall, I am seeing a HUGE shift in my mentality, hope, and energy.  

I have always found it easy to be "in the flow" when I'm traveling, exploring, meeting new people, and experiencing each day as an adventure.  But for some reason, I had a disconnect when I would come back to my hometown, the magic would seemingly fade and I'd wind up a bit lethargic, depressed, and overwhelmed.  But a HUGE shift happened after just a couple days of being home that helped me to step back into my power and feel free-er here than I have ever been.  

What made the difference, you ask?

Here's what I've been doing DIFFERENTLY -- 

1.  I'm taking each day as a new adventure.  It feels like I'm still on the road in the sense that I have a rough outline, but I'm being more open to what shows up, and going with it.  I used to feel strange going places or to events in Buffalo alone, but I do that all the time when I'm traveling.  I love the chance to meet new people, relax and enjoy my own company, and see what unfolds.  Somehow, I didn't allow myself to do that here - because I still was in an old pattern of how I was supposed to live here.  Suddenly, I am tuning into my intuition here just like I do on the road, and I'm meeting all sorts of new people including musicians, artists, and friends who are inspiring me and supporting me.  

2. I'm stopping complaining.  While sometimes it is hard to adjust and things are DIFFERENT here, they are not better or worse, they just are what they are.  When I step into my power and stop whining or playing the "victim" role, I realize that I am always able to make positive choices, trust that where I am is exactly perfect, and enjoy being in the moment, as the service of the universe, and what A GIFT it truly is.  Don't get me wrong, I still have some emotional breakdowns and moments of overwhelm, (that may have happened last night ending up with my crying on the floor with my mom and a puppy in my lap) but I see them as cathartic breakthroughs as I am finally allowing my emotions to be FELT and pass through me, and I'm learning about how to best keep my body clear and at peace.

3.  I'm getting involved.  It's a pleasure to be PART of something.  There is a tremendous wave of growth happening in Buffalo right and because it is such a grass roots town, there are ways for everyone to get involved, to step up, and to make a difference.  My passions lie in making music, art, dance, food, and community... I'm getting connected with ways to share ALL of these passions and to have a whole lot of fun.  What are your gifts to the community?  How do you share them?

4.  I'm taking quiet nature breaks.  After being mostly "off the grid" for a couple months and landing in very serene spots without television, much internet time, or overstimulation, I have noticed how important it is for me to take walks by myself to somewhere quiet in the woods and simply smell and breathe the air, to listen to the birds, to lay on the grass.  It uplifts my heart and spirit and helps soothe me like nothing else.

There are lots more things that I am still working on, but I'm taking it slow, allowing good habits to build and unwanted states to dissolve.  Next week I will be running (and participating in) a raw food cleanse.  My body is really ready to cut out certain foods like sugar that I tend to overeat when I am feel overwhelmed.  I am ready to drop some of that crazy over-loaded energy that comes when I ingest coffee and sugar, and really fuel up on fresh healthy veggies, nuts, seeds, and lots of juices.

If you're interested, check out my cleanse page and join me. 

If you're not in the Buffalo area, you can still do your own cleanse and connect with me on Facebook for support. 

I'm sending love and blessings to you as you find the rhythm and pace that makes your daily life full of magic, too.

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