Fall Offerings and Autumn Musings

What an incredible summer it has been so far.  As we move into September I feel a cool breeze over my bed at night and as I snuggle under the covers I am taken back to times as a child preparing for going back to school, pressing my uniform, getting my beach-worn feet back into real shoes and socks, and letting the lingering days without time become more organized as I moved into a sense of structure in my fresh denim and boots.

While I don't have school to get back to this year, I still feel like September is a beautiful time to ground-in after the expansion of summer and reassess where I am in my life, what I need, and how I can best live "my WHY."  I had a conversation with a friend reminding me of a Ted Talk by Simon Sinek in which he discusses how when we come from our WHY - as in "why we get up each morning" life becomes clear, simple focused.

I took some time to write out statements starting with "I believe... " and came up with the following for myself and Resolve to Evolve:

  • I believe that humans are constantly in a state of evolution and that all of life is divinely unfolding, each moment is perfect and holds the exact key we need to our enlightenment.
  • I believe that we are all capable of channeling light, love, energy and that our existence here in physical bodies is a great gift to ourselves and the universe.  
  • I believe that underneath the pain, sorrow, frustration & struggle is a deep, great JOY of simply living, experiencing, and loving.
  • I believe that I am here to help others tap into their physical bodies and reconnect to the divinity all around and within themselves through dance, energy work, daily interaction.
  • I believe that Resolve to Evolve is a conscious business tool that enables me to connect with beings who simultaneously inspire me to grow and as I inspire them, and we co-create this new realm of the Rainbow Warriors, a heaven on earth, a place of peace -- within and without.
  • I believe that I am supported by life, I am held in the hand of the divine, and I don't have to even try, but rather allow energy, life, love to flow in and through me.

This practice was clarifying and simplifying for me.  I invite you to try it as well.  I share it here as a reminder to myself, but also as an invitation to you.

Do you have similar beliefs?  Do you resonate with the mission of Resolve to Evolve?  This is your call to action - to be part of what we are co-creating here.

This fall I will be hosting two more retreats and I will also soon be announcing the return of the SHINE program - what will be 12 weekly group sessions with men and women who desire to open to their fullest expression of self, who are ready to step into their power, and who want to connect with themselves and community in a deep and meaningful way.

Ladies, join myself and Joy (Ashley) Vita Verde this September 16-18th for the OWL women's retreat.

Ladies and gents are invited for a co-ed retreat October 14-16th -- details TBA.

All are welcome to work with me individually as well.  I offer donation-based individual session for first timers.  If you are hearing the call why wait?  Reach out to me today and come spent 75 minutes investing in your well-being, getting clear on your purpose, and step into your power.

Happy September one and all. 

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