Creating daily rituals make each day a celebration

I find myself in southern Oregon this morning, soaking up the sunshine and feeling really blessed to be staying at a new friend's farm and to having had this time to travel out west.  Over the last couple of months I have received three new certifications (Transformational Coach, Raw Food Chef, and Dancing Freedom Facilitator).  But, I feel that the biggest work I have been doing while traveling has been the inner work of learning to love myself.

Through the medicine of travel, I have discovered that home exists within myself.  I am sovereign and free, and yet deeply connected to family, friends, community, and the earth.  I'm finding my authentic rhythm that allows for me to support others and make a living while also nurturing my soul and my body.  I am learning how to be with myself and others as a human being.  I'm letting go of my former patterns of needing to hide parts of myself and feeling shame, guilt, and not good enough.  I am stepping into that courage through vulnerability.  I'm finding myself reaching out when I need support like I never have before. I used to think that I had to hide parts of myself, like there were all these subtle things that I was embarrassed about or unsure of, and I didn't know how to talk about them with others.  And the beautiful thing is - I am feeling more and more capable of holding space for others as I allow myself to be cared for.

I am experiencing a new understanding of intimacy and friendship, and what it means to support one another. Through the group container and the beautiful land I lived on during the Dancing Freedom training I felt really "at home" safe, supported, and seen in a deeper way than I had experienced in a long time.  It's a familiar feeling that would come to me as a child during summers at our cottage in Cananda, a feeling of being alive, in love with the world, curious, held, loved.  And yet, even as a little girl, I think there were ways that I held back, thinking that I didn't belong, I was so shy and afraid of my singing voice and my gifts as an artist.  I am in a process of to integrating lessons I am learning each day into deep healing for both my past and my future.

As I am slowly working my way back East, knowing that I have reached the pinnacle of my time out here, I'm connecting the dots of what makes this lifestyle so magical for me.  I'm carrying it in my heart so that all that I can bring it with me anywhere, always, as medicine for myself and others.

I see that I am now stepping into my power and beauty as a woman in a new way through embracing feminine energy.  I was reading about femininity last night and what it means to draw energy IN so that we can create versus the masculine approach to putting energy OUT.  While I have been on the road the importance of daily regularity and routine has been really clear to me.

If we look at those daily routines and rituals as "tasks"  they can feel daunting and overwhelming, but I am learning how to integrate the awesome "flowing" feeling of life that comes from travelling into grounded practices through rituals.

To me, a ritual has a significance of inviting the divine into our daily lives. This makes it not just "another day" but a celebration and honoring of TODAY, and of all of life.  By maintaining daily habits that support the feminine, receiving part of us, we make life a living prayer.  Then we can go about our days and do the more masculine productive, outward aspects of our lives coming from a centered, balanced place.

Here are some of the ideas that I'm working with creating ritual in my daily life:  

(In the comments below I would love for you to share any rituals that you do daily that are important to you and have helped you in this way.)

 - Take personal time first thing in the morning.  

The way that you start your day sets the tone for the day. For me, this can be meditating, journaling, anything that allows me to check in with myself and start the day with clear intentions.  You might have a morning routine that you are already practicing like enjoying a cup of coffee, or showering, and I simply suggest that you bring a sense of gentleness and mindfulness of your thoughts as you being your day and honor yourself by taking that time for yourself.

- Pause before each meal and make a physical gesture of blessing the food.

I like to hold my hands over the food and send it a little reiki zap.  Other like to say prayers or hold hands, etc, whatever helps you to slow down, be present and enjoy the experience of nourishing yourself as a sacred experience.

- Enjoy daily movement medicine.

I'm realizing how critical this is for me... at least once a day to have significant exercise and especially to do some stretching when I wake up/go to sleep.  This can be going to the gym, taking 10 minutes to do yoga, or stepping outside to work in your garden or walk around the block.  

- Cherish an evening/bedtime routine.

Although the exact time of going to bed has been fluctuating for me, I am finding it really enjoyable to take time for self-care (washing face, brushing teeth, wiping away the day) and then settling into bed with a couple minutes of journaling and meditation again which helps me fall asleep with gratitude and peace.

Along with inner work and deepening my mindfulness mentality overall, these rituals are really helping me connect to the earth, to  myself, and to others.  I have had periods of my life where I felt really depressed, empty, and tried to stuff it away with sweet and hours of TV shows.  I know that when I add-in these rituals and allow for the divine feminine to draw the right things to me, a lot of the pressure of "having to figure it all out" and "get it done" and the stress of "not being enough" leaves and sweet sweet flow of comes back in.

If you're feeling stagnant or stuck, overwhelmed, paralyzed, depressed... or even just wanting to create more space in your life for the divine, I hope you consider bringing more ritual and celebration to the small things like daily rituals that make the big differences in our lives.  

Self-care = global love.  

As you nurture yourself, you are able to show up more fully for those around you, too.

Thank you for being part of my journey, and I look forward to hearing some of your rituals and how you're making life a daily ceremony.


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