Artwork by Cocorrina

Resolve to Evolve was founded 
on the idea that we are 
constantly in a process of 
shaping our reality.

By actively choosing (resolving) 
to allow and trust this process 
we unfold and unlock (evolve) 
& open to our greatest potential.  

This is not just a name.

Resolve to Evolve 
is a mantra, a motto, a lifestyle 
I choose to live by and inspire within my clients.

Hi, I’m Eliza.  I’m a mindset & business coach for women.  I grew up just south in Buffalo, NY and recently got married and moved to the Finger Lakes area by Skaneateles, NY where my husband & I are renovating an old farmhouse. 

I spent most of my 20s in deep anxiety and depression trying figuring out who I was while juggling co-owning a restaurant with my sister AND traveling the world/taking TONS of workshops and trainings.  After 7 years of feeling lost, giving my heart away to toxic relationships & unhealthy work situations I realized the restaurant business would never satisfy me and I decided to focus on ME — so I branched off & start my coaching & healing business, Resolve to Evolve.

Another 4 years later, I’m proud of who I am, what I do, I’m in love and living my dreams.  I am here to help other women break through their limiting beliefs, too, so they can BECOME the change they desire to see in the world.

My mission & purpose is to assist women to reconnect to their bodies & intuition.  Our bodies are more than what we “think” they are- they are divine vehicles that house our spirit & interface with the elements that they are composed of while guiding us through our missions here on earth.

Some fun things about me: I’m fascinated by neurolinguistics, anatomy, food science, women’s health, quantum reality and tarot. I spend a lot of time outside hiking with my rescue pup, Zora, and I love, love, LOVE to dance (whether at a club, in Zumba class, or facilitating conscious movement). 

Want some more? Take a listen this podcast where I chat about 
who I am, what and do and why I do it.  Big thanks to Laura Evans for making me a part of
 Keeping Things Alive.