Artwork by Cocorrina

Resolve to Evolve was founded
on the idea that we are
constantly in a process of
shaping our reality.

By actively choosing (resolving)
to allow and trust this process
we unfold and unlock (evolve)
& open to our greatest potential.  

This is not just a name.

Resolve to Evolve 
is a mantra, a motto, a lifestyle
I choose to live by and inspire within my clients.

Join me and tap into your own
sensitivity & artistry, and discover
the purposeful rhythm
connecting each cycle of your life.

I offer holistic support to the
whole being that you are
- mind, body, and spirit,
composed of the elements.

Give yourself the gift of space -
time for you to follow the light
on your path to your truth.

Call me, let's chat about how I can help you!

Want to hear some more? Take a listen this podcast where I chat about
who I am, what and do and why I do it.  Big thanks to Laura Evans for making me a part of
 Keeping Things Alive.