A Healing Journey

I've been on the road since Super Bowl Sunday, February 2nd.  It's only been 25 days technically traveling, but it feels like I have experienced so much and seen radical shifts in my life in just over three weeks.  Lots of things have occurred internally and externally, but I find that no matter what arises, I am developing a great sense of inner peace.

I find myself tonight in Newport Beach, California, hanging with some friends I met a couple years ago through couchsurfing networks.  They were the ones who first taught me how to surf (in the ocean, not on a couch) and who got me into running.  I feel at home wherever I am nowadays.  I do tend to wake up and get a bit confused at where I am, but I love traveling and being on the road and on the move feels soothing to my soul, somehow.

I drove in from Arizona yesterday where I had spent about a week with my friend Katie from Buffalo who flew in to go camping and visit Sedona.  I knew that my time at the hot springs where we camped would be "healing" for both of us, but what I didn't count on is my catching an actual cold and needing to heal my body and rest for several days while I was there.  I was able to rest and release some strange energies and dreams to the earth and the water.  

Just as I was feeling healthy and we packed up to leave, my sweet friend went to kiss a dog goodbye and got bit as the dog nipped her on the lip...  She stepped back and blood was gushing from her mouth as I saw two large tears on her lips, and she began to look a little panicked.  I was frightened for her, but I knew that I had to remain calm so that we could figure out what to do quickly and efficiently.  Everything changed so quickly, as we found our way to the nearest hospital, she got 14 stitches in her mouth and we ended up getting a hotel so she could rest. We joked on the way there that we'd manifest a really positive outcome after all the drama, and that we'd get into the hospital fast and there would be a cute doctor, etc... and literally that exact situation happened.  There was no line, we got right in, the doctor was adorable and he did an awesome job sewing her lip back together.  We had to laugh afterward and what a bizarre situation it was.  (FYI - she is doing well and gets her stitches out tomorrow)

The whole week together was filled with synchronicities and moments of bonding as we realized how similar we are and how we both just love to laugh (and for Katie - cry) at life's beauty.  I know that being around someone so similar and so open was really healing for me as I was able to accept parts of myself that maybe I had disowned before - like the part that loves to rock out to Whitney Houston in the car and giggle and dance and just be silly... it was really refreshing to feel safe and supported to be fully myself around a new friend.

In alignment with accepting more of myself, when we drove back from Sedona, I realized that my ex-boyfriend would be in Phoenix at the same time that I was going to be there to drop Katie at the airport.  When I left Buffalo there were some things that we didn't get to express and some energy left unsettled, and I got to actually have an incredible conversation of closure and healing that I did NOT expect for many months or years, even.  I was really nervous going to talk to him, but I was able to be comfortable and confident in myself and express exactly what I needed to and so was he... and we saw eye-to-eye for the first time in a long while.  A huge weight has been lifted from my heart as the lines of communication opened and I feel like we'll be able to stay friends, now.

I'm meditating at least once a day now for about an hour and I don't know if it's that or just being on the road or out west, but a lot of loose ends are coming together and life is feeling serendipitous again.  I am so grateful that I listened to the call to get up and move, no matter how hard it was to initially leave, I know that I am all-ways exactly where I need to be.

I hope that my words can inspires others to "feel the fear and do it anyways" and listen to their heart's desires, no matter how "weird" or "out there" it feels.  It's time for us to drop the idea that "selfish" is BAD or negative. When we are happy and honoring ourselves and our needs then we inspire and benefit everyone else around us, and we change the world.  

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