• 4 Coaching Sessions with Eliza

4 Coaching Sessions with Eliza

Coaching Packages

by Resolve to Evolve

$197.00 $300.00


This discounted coaching package is at a VERY special rate that will only run through March 15th.  

The package includes 4 One-hour Transformational Coaching sessions with Eliza on the phone.  We can schedule the sessions according to what works best for you, but it is generally suggested to do weekly coaching during which we will get you clear on what you want in your life, and how to get it.  Eliza uses tools gained from Integrative Nutrition & Transformational Coaching Method (based on Neurolinguistics) to help you to break free of any blocks that are standing in the way of you having your heart's desires as Eliza not only holds you accountable, but also help you shift your thinking about what it is that you desire so you can gracefully and happily achieve whatever it is that you desire.  We can focus on a number of things including:

 - losing weight or meeting fitness goals

 - decreasing anxiety and depression & increasing peace of mind 

 - working on relationships and finding balance in your daily life

 - Introduce/improve spiritual connection and meditative practices

(And often all of these areas are touched on and combined in a session, because changing one area affects all the other areas of our lives.)